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Wearing a Kippah

Traditionally only worn by men, many modern-day women wear the kippah as well. While some individuals only wear this cap while praying, others wear it at all times. Putting on this head covering is a sign of respect; the reason behind this comes from a story in the Talmud. The wearing of a kippah reminds us of our religious beliefs and that we are being watched over by God in all aspects of our lives.

When you wear a kippah, you are sharing your faith with those around you, displaying a commitment to your beliefs. Worn only by those of great stature during the Talmudic times, the wearing of the kippah by all Jewish men became a tradition over the course of many years. Although not a written law, the wearing of this cap has become a universally accepted practice.

The style of the kippah has changed a lot throughout history and different styles and colors can be worn to denote group affiliations. While men almost always wear a cloth or crocheted cap, women wear a variety of styles, including beaded wire options and scarves.

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2 thoughts on “Wearing a Kippah

  1. I agree that by wearing a kippa,h you are educating those around on your beliefs and how they affect how you live. It is amazing that the tradition of wearing a kippah has continued to be observed for such a long time. I think that it would be good to take opportunities to explain what a kippah signifies to those around you and what it means to your personally.

  2. Looking for inspiration for wearing a kippah on days when I also want my hair in an updo.

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