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Make Them Stay For Shabbat

When my family comes home on a Friday night, they know they can look forward to the enticing and familiar aromas coming from the kitchen. Most likely, it’s my chicken soup. Not that I want to brag,…. but I have been told that my chicken soup is outstanding.

Here is my secret recipe.

Use the biggest soup pot you have….or size down the recipe.

You will need:

2 chickens worth of any chicken parts. Sometimes I use several turkey wings which I guess will make it turkey soup but you won’t know the difference and they are very flavorful. I always use kosher poultry. It makes all the difference when it comes to flavor. The more poultry you use, the better the soup will taste.

Meat bones – like knee bones.

1 bunch of dill, some parsley, 1 very large or 2 medium onions, 2 large parsnips, 5 carrots, 4 celery stalks, 1 celery root (cleaned) and cut in half.

Knorr Chicken Bullion cubes (kosher varieties available)

Salt and Pepper to taste.



Cut all the veggies into a little larger than bite size pieces. Cut the celery root in half.

Wrap the parsley and dill in a cheesecloth sack or clean rubber band. Set aside.


Put the chicken/turkey and meat bones in the pot and fill it with water.

Wait until it comes to a boil and take off all the stuff that comes to the top of the pot. You will need to take the stuff off several times until the water is clear.


Add remaining ingredients except bullion cubes.


Cover the pot but leave a little space open and simmer the soup for about 2 hours or so.

Add 1 bullion cube about ½ way through and taste broth to see if you need to add another 1 or 2 cubes.


Remove the bones, dill and parsley and enjoy with your favorite matzo balls or noodles.


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Wearing a Kippah

Traditionally only worn by men, many modern-day women wear the kippah as well. While some individuals only wear this cap while praying, others wear it at all times. Putting on this head covering is a sign of respect; the reason behind this comes from a story in the Talmud. The wearing of a kippah reminds us of our religious beliefs and that we are being watched over by God in all aspects of our lives.

When you wear a kippah, you are sharing your faith with those around you, displaying a commitment to your beliefs. Worn only by those of great stature during the Talmudic times, the wearing of the kippah by all Jewish men became a tradition over the course of many years. Although not a written law, the wearing of this cap has become a universally accepted practice.

The style of the kippah has changed a lot throughout history and different styles and colors can be worn to denote group affiliations. While men almost always wear a cloth or crocheted cap, women wear a variety of styles, including beaded wire options and scarves.

Here at The Tallis Lady, you can create a custom designed wire and beaded kippah, perfect for daily wear or for special events and celebrations. To get started, choose a design here or call us at 201-321-4995.